Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) System

EPOS or Electronic Point of Sale software is found in the majority of retail businesses. They're designed to aid in improving the performance of the business. EPOS systems are an ideal piece of equipment to own when running a shop, as they enable information to be stored and manipulated for the benefit of the business itself and provide an insight as to how well the business is actually doing.

An EPOS system is generally found at the 'checkout' of a business but can be linked to other terminals in the 'back' of the business and can even be linked to the business' website. By linking the EPOS system to the business' website, customers are provided with real-time information regarding stock, through the use of automatic stock control. Links to other terminals within the shop results in greater control over the business as a whole.

Because EPOS systems are a great way of storing sales information, a business can detect where the demand on product lies and can use this information to help reduce inventory. Products that do not sell well, or within a set time frame, can be manipulated through the EPOS system and placed on alternate websites such as eBay. The EPOS software also permits users to print vouchers and receipts, as well as send information regarding the transactions to suppliers, which improves business reliability.

The EPOS software really needs to be easy to use from the perspective of its users and can help calculate where profit lies, but also can help to identify customer purchasing habits and keep track of stock. This means that members of the business can increase or reduce the order of products from suppliers according to the demand and profit made from the products.