Advantages of EPoS

The EPOS system allows a business to identify which products are selling well and which products are making profit. Through this identification, a business can increase the order of profitable products and reduce unmarketable inventory.

Advantages of EPoSCUSTOMERS
A touch screen monitor and scanner are two significant components of the EPOS system in that they both cause the customer to become actively involved in the transaction. From this, the checkout is likely to occur much quicker, which will no doubt leave a business with happy customers. Happy customers are more likely to return to the shop and generate bigger profit.

A key benefit of the EPOS system is that information from sales is automatically placed into storage. No longer will a business need to panic because they have misplaced a sheet of paper with important information on; the EPOS system will automatically place it into storage for you. A reduction in misplacement and an increase is accurate storage will leave a business more reliable in the eyes of its customers and suppliers and could even result in further generation of profit.

Another benefit of the EPOS system is that it can be linked to a business' website and provide customers with a real-time update regarding stock. This automatic stock control may result in a larger generation of profit as customers will feel a sense of involvement by having automatic updates and purchase from the business again.

The EPOS system can also be linked with the website to provide customers with an update as to when a current out-of-stock product's next delivery is and whether there are any alternate products they may wish to purchase.