Benefits of EPoS

EPoS Customer Galleria Jewellers

Based in Northumberland, Galleria Jewellers sell contemporary modern jewellery. Two years back, Galleria had only one store in the UK. Through the introduction of the EPOS system, Galleria now have two stores and two websites and business is thriving.

When asked how the EPOS system reduced costs, the staff mentioned three key points:

1. Reduced Spend on Stock
Reduced costs on stock means that Galleria can now order more frequently, but in smaller quantities, rather than losing money being tied up in stock.

2. Improved Ordering
The introduction of the EPOS system means that rather than trawling around loose sheets of paper trying to find which products hold the most profit, Galleria can now see profitable products on demand through the information collected from the EPOS software.

3. Reduced Overstocking
Galleria now find that they are ordering the correct things more often and no longer need to worry about the stores being filled to the rim with unwanted and unpushable products.

Discount Baby Equipment

Discount Baby Equipment, first set up in 1981, are renowned for supplying the best baby goods at low prices to thousands of people around the UK. They can now be found on the internet and with the help of an EPOS system, have never seen the business so popular.

When asked about the EPOS system, Martin from Discount Baby said:
"Firstly it has helped us to easily keep track of stock levels and see which items are selling and which items aren't. That allows us to make better buying choices. We now buy in smaller quantities, more frequently which saves money".

In regards to the website that is also improved as a result of the EPOS system, Martin commented that:
"it's so easy, there is no excuse now!"

Martin also felt inclined to comment on how:
"The barcoded receipts/price labelling system is also very good and makes life so much easier for all the staff when dealing with sales and returns."